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Disconnecting service

I called the customer service number on Novemner 11, 2014 to have  service disconnected because we have moved out of the facility that we rented office space.

The customer service person asked if I needed the service for 60 more days. I told her that we had moved out and didn't need service at all, from this day forward.

I was then told that we had met our obligation and wanted immediate disconnection. I was told that the 60 days was mandatory.

I was also told that I would have to return the modem.

The modem was installed by Comcast and I can't return it, we are not in the building any more.

I was the told the modem was in the office I worked in. It was not. We plugged into a jack in the wall for internet and phone and there was no modem there. The CS person told me it was in the office because all internet customers have their modem in their office for service. We went back and forth about this until it got to the point that I asked for her supervisor.

I was told that I couldn't speak to a supervisor but, the disconnect paper work would be emailed to me.

I received the disconnect papwerwork, and I struck through the verbage about 60 days until it would be disconnected whch was unacceptable and sent it back.

As of today, the service is still on.

The company has been dissolved since February.

Please honor my request to disconnect immediately.

Jerald Goldman

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Community Manager

Re: Disconnecting service

Hi tmanpro.  I apologize for the delay you've encountered in this process.  I have engaged the Business Service Center Retention Team to assist with completion of this process.


Thank You

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