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Disconnected me 10 days in advance of a MOVE

As a busines customer, I expect a certain level of competency with my vendors and the last 3 days have shown that Comcast is very good at reading scripts off a page but terrible at actually helping to solve a Business level problem. To add insult to injury, you not only did not solve my problem but you DISCONNECTED a business service 10 days PRIOR TO the actual move date with no explanation. I would really really like an explanation. In fact, I am not going to stop talking, calling or discussing this until someone explains how you turn a whole business off 10 days in advance. 

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Re: Disconnected me 10 days in advance of a MOVE

Thanks for reaching out to us on our Comcast Business Support Forums, NeverEasy.

I can take a look and see what happened with your move/transfer. Please, private message me your full name as it appears on your Comcast Business Account, the phone number registered on the account and, the address including the city, state and, zip.

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