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Disconnect serice within 30 days - not so easy to accomplish

I am a new business customer and have the option to cancel my service within 30 days. I have decided to cancel the services in one of the 2 buildings I own (will be keeping service on in the other building). 

I contected Comcast witin th 30 days and they sent me a disconnect form to esign (digital document signature), and when I called to check if they received it, they said that itr wasn't the right form and that the disconnect order has been scheduled for April (whihc is way past my cancellation data)

I am furious at this point and considering disconnecting all services

Can anyone tell me what I can do here? I am still within the 30 day window but have little to no faith that Comcast will live up to their end of the bargain. What are my options here?

Can I got to the Better Busines Bureau?


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Re: Disconnect serice within 30 days - not so easy to accomplish

Hello keithcp,


I'm very sorry to hear about the complications you have received with getting your account disconnected. Can you please send me a private message with your account number so we can investigate your case? 


Thank you 

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