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Disconnect at the end of my business---Horrid fees for disconnecting

I sold my medical practice in May and disconnected my Comcast Business servvices on June 18.  After an inordinantly long phone call to the Comcast "Rentention Team," I finally got the message through to the agent that, no, I really didn't want to continue service because I was retiring and someone else was taking over the practice.  (The new practice has its own provider for phones and internet).


The agent then sends me a form that asks me to recognize that I will continue to be billed for another 60 days.....WHAT???  My business was FINISHED.  There is no need for an additional 60 days of service.  So I signed the form but also removed the 60 days stipulation.


I made the assumption that this was the end of it.  But then, without receiving any further communication from Comcast, I received a letter from a Cleveland collections agency for the ~$137 they felt I still owed!!!


Further, I have reviewed the original documents that I were signed 1/12/12.  No mention of any disconnect fees other than early termination---we were >5 years past that.


I don't understand how a company can arbitrarily add charges at the conclusion of a contract without telling the customer beforehand.  Pretty ridiculous.

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Re: Disconnect at the end of my business---Horrid fees for disconnecting

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to reach out about your poor experience with the disconnect as this is not what we strive for. I know how frustrating this is to receive a letter from collections when everything should have been taken care of. We are the right team to help get this taken care of. Have you been able to speak with our retention team by chance? Can you please send a private message with your name, the full address, and phone/account number? 

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