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I'm very disappointed in Comcast.


In 2014 when they came to install services they had the wrong suite number.  Eventually I located the service tech and directed him to the correct suite.  He called his supervisors and made note of the incorrect suite number. 


Today, as I was updating my profile I discovered that my billing address is correct, but the service address (just the suite number) is still incorrect.  Both addresses should be the same.


I eventually got through to customer service and was informed that they could not simply update the suite number.  Instead they must write an entirely new contract, which of course is at a higher rate than I am currently paying.  REALLY???  No thank you.


Looks like I will be leaving comcast when my current  contract expires.  How very disappointing.





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Re: Disappointed

Hello MFuller-CPI and welcome,


I am very sorry to hear of your current experience which is not correct.  Please contact 800-391-3000, using the billing option, and have the billing agent fill out a helpdesk ticket to have your account suite number or any portion of the address that is incorrect changed to what it needs to be. Actually depending on your actual business region area, Comcast does have agent facilities to make existing account addressing changes. 


Hope this helps you out.

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