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Delay in porting business number

My animal hospital just moved to a new facility about 1 mile away and we have been attempting to port our business phone numbers for nearly a week and we can't seem to make any progress.  AT&T serviced my old location but for some reason does not service at our new location.  We only have a temporary number, unless I leave one technician at our old empty lease space to answer the phone.  Imagine our clients with sick pets and they can't get in touch with their vet!  I contacted AT&T directly and on multiple occasions and was told that the number is ready to port.  They are simply waiting for Comcast to submit an "Expedited Request Form".  Once that is done, then the numbers can be ported immediately.  I contacted our Comcast field tech who did the initial install of our internet and temporary  number (it is a new construction site), and told him what AT&T said.  He arrived within an hour and was ready to help port our numbers but was told by his supervisors that Comcast had submitted the request yet.  He was on the phone directly with AT&T's porting division and was told what I was told (the number is ready, but they are waiting to hear from Comcast).  He was as baffled as I was at why a request had not been sent by Comcast to AT&T.  I have reached out to multiple people and just get the run-around.  I then received a call today saying that a tech would be out within a few hours to port our numbers.  When she arrived, the work order was cancelled and she was told the numbers are not ready to port.  My business is struggling and animal care is suffering in the meantime.  What options do I have to speed up this process to get my business numbers ported?  

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Re: Delay in porting business number

Hello BusterCat and welcome to forums,


Please send a private message with more details including the number(s) that you need ported, and a good contact number for us to reach you on.


Thank You.

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