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Complaint - Account manager provided me with wrong pricing.

I have an issue, I was told I would get $10 discount for auto-pay and ebill, I have an email conversation saying that I would get it, I asked and confirmed again because it wasn't on the contact that was sent to sign, and I was told it won't be on the contract but it would be reflected on my bill and I have this in a written email conversation from the account manager. My bill came and no discount so I have been trying to reach the person in multiple emails as well as calls and voicemails with no response. I have had 3 different customer support reps that I have talked to send messages to the account manager to follow-up with me. This was a bait and switch to get me to sign a 3-year contract.  It's been since May and I have to chat/call every month and every time they send a message to the account manager to follow up with no response. 

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Re: Complaint - Account manager provided me with wrong pricing.

We are having the same issue.  We only signed a one-year contract and it will be very easy for us to switch back.  This spring I think we will be done with them unless my next call resolves.         

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