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Comcast won't let me cancel?

I work from home and have Comcast Business. I just bought a house and moved. I transferred Comcast service to the new address. I have a new account number and a new 2-year contract.


The “Comcast Business Promise” says I can cancel within the first 30 days. I want to do that.


I’ve been talking to Comcast on the phone for two days. Via DocuSign they sent me a form for the OLD address that I transferred service from (that still had a year commitment on it) instead of the current location where service was just installed. There wasn’t a termination fee on that When I called back to get them to send me the form for the current address they told me there was nothing they could do because the “Comcast Business Promise” doesn’t count when you move service.


So, am I really stuck? Why were they willing to let me get out of the previous contract that still had a year on it without an ETF but are now saying I can’t cancel the new service without paying an ETF?


I feel like the guy sent me the cancelation on the old contract to basically get rid of me, hoping I wouldn't notice that it wasn't for the current service. Basically trapping me in the new contract.

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Re: Comcast won't let me cancel?

Hello Xtopher and welcome to forums,


I will engage the retention department in business services to address this issue.


Thank You

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