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Comcast business save now lose later

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Comcast business save now lose later

I have been a buisness customer for 9 years.  I am over the overseas call centers, voice prompts and all the other red tape you have to go through to get a question answered or issue resolved.   I dont have enough time to describe all my issues but my wife and I have 3 home and 1 business account and I am taking the time today to find replacement alternatives for all these accounts.


My current issue is my business internet, phone and tv went down on Sunday night.   The updates online say resolved by 1pm, resolved by 5 pm.  It has been three day and my employees have been sent home without a paycheck because we can not work.  A tech came out and said "this is an outside problem we need to send someone else out" They said they would expedite.  6 hours later no show.   I got a call from the tech department and a guy with a hardly recognizable accent asked if we had a cable down?  I stated I dont know and I believe that is YOUR JOB to determine.  He then said ok since you dont see a cable down we will send out an inside technician.  

I give up.  Comcast has no idea how inept there company is.  Complete mismanagments. The left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing.  I will pay more but I have lost thousands in business over the years dealing with this crap.

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Re: Comcast business save now lose later


Good morning PCSFL and welcome to the support forums.


I do apologize in regards to your experience. I definitely would like to assist with your service issues. Please private message me your account number and the name of your business. 

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