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Comcast Unnanounced Change of Remittance Address

Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Unannounced, Comcast changed their remittance address:

1) From:  Comcast, P.O. Box 3001, Southeastern, PA  19398-3001

2) To:  Comcast, P.O. Box 3002, Southeastern, PA  19398-3002


As a result, my 11/24/2014 payment sent to the P.O. Box 3001 remittance address, as shown on the billing statement, was apparently never received by Comcast.  And, as a result, my 12/24/2014 payment (assuming the previous had simply gotten lost in the mail) sent to the same P.O. Box 3001 remittance address has also not been received by Comcast.  I now have two (2) checks in circulation issued to Comcast sent to the P.O. Box 3001 remittance address.


Comcast Customer Service advises only solution is to Stop Payment both checks and issue a new check to the new remittance address.  Shouldn't Comcast be accountable to provide an accurate remittance address on their billing statement?  Wouldn't you think Comcast could sort this out with the Post Office and put a temporary forward on the former P.O. Box?  And, shouldn't Comcast provide me CR on my account of $60 to cover the cost of the two (2) Stop Payments?  So far, Comcast customer service has refused to provide any reasonable solutions to the problem that Comcast created by changing their remittance address unannounced.  Quite frustrating.


Best Regards,

James Faulstich

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