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Comcast Customer Service is nonexistent


Sales Rep trapped me into signing up for Premium Business Internet by telling me that the Installation Charges will be waived. Customer Service completely disappeared after I signed the contract. He also informed me that Customer Support will be available 24/7 which is not true either.


When I login to my account I show $201 installation charges, Equipment charge and the bill is about 340 dollars before I even started using the internet. I called customer service several times and a very soft spoken Customer Service Agent advised it will be taken care of in a few minutes and that someone will call me right back but no one ever called me. Waiting for several hours. Tech also arrived late to do the installation and he did not seem to be sorry at all for arriving late. All he did was hook up cheap modem that took him two hours and then he left. Wire was installed so unprofessionally that my 8 year old could do a better job. Is that what Comcast is charging 200 dollars for. Poor customer Service, Tech arriving late, refurbished old looking modem with no wireless and poor wiring in the room.


Where is the customer Service and why everyone at Comcast keeps giving me false information.


I need installation charges waived. I need to speak with the live person who can actually help.