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Comcast Business - What does it take to solve ALL the problems created by Comcast

I connected Comcast Business service in 2 locations without any issues, then I moved one business to a new location and have never experienced such horrible service and inept service in so many departments.  Here are the details: 


1) Prior to April 15, 2017 I called to TRANSFER service, I am on a contract. 

2) April 27th I called to inquire as to the status.  They couldn't find a transfer order in the system so they created another one. 

3) In May, after not hearing back on when construction would begin, I called again and learned that my order had "fallen out of the system".  AGAIN, a new order was started. 

4) In the meantime, Comcast was still drafting money from my bank account for service that I didn't have. 

5) After many additional phone calls to prod the construction department along, I finally had a contractor bring active service to the equipment closet on AUGUST 16th.  (Yes, that's nearly 4 months with telephone and internet service via T'Mobile hotspot.) The contractor said he wan't able to determine if the Cat 5 and 6 jacks worked in any of the offices and I would need to hire another company to wire the building. (This person was the same one I help wire my last building!)

6) Now I have service and a hole in the front yard and a broken sprinkler system.  I called the construction manager to file a complaint.  

7) After 2 weeks of not being able to use wireless internet, I call Comcast and explained the status.  They sent an actual Comcast technician out who quickly determined that all my current jacks were working. In addition, he reset the technical settings so the service would work better.  EXCELLENT service from this gentleman!

8) After a month, I called back to learn nothing was in the system about the damage to my yard and sprinkler system.  After a week, someone came to say it wasn't them and blamed another utility contractor.  That contractor called, promised to come out and fix it and I've yet to hear back after weeks. 

9) I received my first bill to learn that I had been given a new account number and was about to be disconnected for non-payment.  Funny... they were billing for dates I didn't have service at my new building.  In addition, the new monthly bill is $55 higher than my original service for the SAME SERVICES. 

10)  At this point, I have issues relating to construction damage, overbilling and higher costs being added to my original contract and Comcast expect ME to deal with each of their contractors, construction department and billing team. 


I am looking for new service when I am finished with this note and I dare them to tell me I am under contract. Perfomance is required by them to have a valid contract.  They failed!! 




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Re: Comcast Business - What does it take to solve ALL the problems created by Comcast

Hi janetsinbox and welcome to the support forums.


I am sorry to hear about your experience with installation and any damaged that was caused. I would like to help with this and also your billing concerns. Please private message me the new account number, the old account number and the name of your business.

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