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Changing to Residential - Requesting 2nd set of eyes..

I began my business account on 5/19. I asked the question if I ould add TV service to the account afterward, I was told, sure no problem.  What was left out was that it was a very limited tv service.  So, when I called to ask about this, I was then told, well, you can add a separate residential account for TV.  So, called residential services and then am told, it would be regular cable TV, not Xfinity X1 as that service requires at least a double-play. 


Being that I have internet and phone with the new business account, I did not need it on residentail.  So, it was sugested that I just simpply switch everythig over to residential.  Was told this was a simple process.


 Residential told me that I MUST request the business cancellation before they would give me an install date.  So, I called business and was e-mailed a form to electronically sign. So, I did and sent it back.  Immediately called residentail and made install appointment for 6/3.  Then, I called back Business to let them know to not process the cancellation of the account until that day.  I work from home and still need the internet and phone.  I was told, no problem, they would add the notes to the case.


Not 15 minutes later, my modem reboots and no internet.  So... I call and am told the cancellation was processed and there was nothing they could do. They suggested I call residential to move up install.  Residential tells me 6/3 was absolute soonest and there was no self-install option.


After several phone calls and yelling matches, my internet was reactivated and was assured that they now know to wait until 6/3 to close it out.


So, next morning I log into work, no problem.. however, now the phone is disconnected!  So, another call and now flatly told, there really is nothing they can do because the number has been ported to residential. So, since I am not getting that install until 6/3, I have no phone.


Today, I get an e-mail that I have a new bill!  $174.43???  I am sure this has something to do with them reactivating my internet.  I've only had the account since 5/19, and it will be closed on 6/3.  I called (on cell) and asked and was told that when the account is closed and since it is within the 30 money back guarantee, the charges would be zeroed out.


So, if someone that has access to my account can possibly look at all of this and confirm that 1: business account will close on 6/3 and 2: bill will be zeroed out, I would greatly appreciate it.


It's just that I have had so many different versions of information of what was supposed to be a 'seamless' transfer to residential. 


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