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Cannot pay the bill online using Chrome

For three weeks now I have tried to pay our bill online using Chrome browser. During the process in different stages it will come back asking for login information and the bails out before finalizing. It used to work in previous months without any problems.


Today I finally tried to use Internet Explorer and that worked fine.


In the meanwhile I have been assessed a late fee.


Could you look into why Chrome doesn't work and get the late fee reversed.





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Re: Cannot pay the bill online using Chrome

Ah! Thank you for posting this! I was having the same problem, and it never occurred to me to try another browser. Now that I've seen the website in IE, I realize just how broken it was in Chrome. The website should definitely work in the most popular browser on the planet, or at least warn away people that try to use it in Chrome. You have saved me from a late fee; I hope Comcast is able to resolve yours.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cannot pay the bill online using Chrome

Hello hankt


I am very sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered with online bill pay. We have referred this issue to our billing team and a credit for the late fee has been posted to your account. Please let us know if it doesn’t show up on your next invoice. We have notified our engineers regarding Chrome not working properly as well.


Thank you

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