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Cancelling my service

I am trying to cancel my service, however when I called in today I was told I had to give 60 days notice, which is news to me, and that I'd have to pay 75% of my remaining contract which ends in September.


When I signed up I asked the sales person multiple times if I would be charged if I needed to move outside of Comcast's service area and he said no each time.  The contract would be voided if they are unable to provide service.  I feel lied to.  Looking through these forums it appears I am not the only one.


The billing person I spoke to would not transfer me to a supervisor or manage to discuss the issue.  I got her to agree to have a supervisor call me back within 24 hours.  However, having worked in a call center when I was younger, I am skeptical it will be a supervisor, it'll just be another customer support rep because the actual supervisors and managers don't want to deal with customers.


At this point I'd recommend my friends use DSL rather than put up with Comcast.  The connection itself was shotty at best for a six month span.  I ended up upgrading to a 50mb connection and still only get 10mbps at some points.  The sales people lie, the customer support people are not helpful, and the product itself is sub par.


I want to speak to someone who can help me resolve this issue.


Re: Cancelling my service

I love that my complaint has not received a comment.  Fantastic service guys.


I have been calling in and asking for them to cancel my service for nearly two weeks.  Customer support keeps promising to send me the documents to sign to cancel, but they never do.


Please have the documents emailed to me that are necessary for me to disconnect my service.  These documents should be backdated to March 26th which is the first date I requested my service to be cancelled.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cancelling my service

Hello Xerath,


Please accept our apology for the problems you had in getting your service cancel.

As each accounts are unique in its original setup; although rare, issues arises while troubleshooting.

Looking at your current account status, it was addressed by the regional support as requested.


Once again we apologize for your poor experience and thank you for your posts.


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