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Cancelling business account due to ownership change

I am selling my ownership in the company that I have been using Comcast business services for in my home office. I want to cancel the service due to the fact that I will no longer need a fax number and can get internet and TV with Xfinity for less than I pay now. However, the rep stated that I will have to pay 75% of the monthly bill for the remainder of the term if I do cancel and because of this, convinced me to keep both services even if I do not use them. Online, I am seeing that all that is required is a 60 day notice to cancel. What is the cancellation policy for services that are no longer used due to termination of ownership?

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Re: Cancelling business account due to ownership change

I am happy to address your termination concerns. Can you please provide the name, address and phone number on the account through private message? 

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