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Canceling contract

My 3 yr Comcast contract is ending sometime this summer 2014.

I want to make sure this contract ends and is not renewed.

What should I do? 

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Re: Canceling contract

Hello pritchettdixon,


Welcome to the forum.


To your query, we would recommend the following:


1. Contact our billing department to exactly know your contract's start and end date (1-800-391-3000)


2. Once you have the dates, make sure to contact our sale/billing department at least 30 days prior to end of contract to cancel renewal.

- Please note if you don't state your request to cancel by 30 days prior to the end date, your contract may auto-renew.

- Additionally if you are interested in moving your service please view our online article (Transfer your Comcast Business service to a new location)


3. While speaking with our sale/billing agent make certain of any outstanding fee left on your account before cancelling.


Thank you

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