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Canceling Service

I tried to cancel my service today because we are closing down our current store and won't be in the new store for a couple of months.  I was told I had a 3 year contract, except I have all my orginal paperwork right here and have no contract.  I was never given one and have never even been told about one until today.  Is this a joke?  We planned on using comcast again at the new store, but with customer service as bad as we received today we are seriously reconsidering.   Where can I get a copy of this make believe "contract?"

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Re: Canceling Service

Welcome lafayettebab.  

Copies of a customers contact requires direct contact with a Billing Agent as the request has to be verified using private information only available to the Business Owner. Our Billing Department can be reached @ 1-800-391-3000.


Thank You

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