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Can someone please clean up this mess?

We were suppose to have our line replaced earlier this month but no one's contacted us. 


I don't know if Comcast made this mess but someone needs to fix this cable laying on the ground and dangling in the air.  When I call tech support I get nothing but confusion, espeically since the internet/phones are working fine here. I don't think restarting my modem is going to fix this. 


It's really bothersum to be waiting on a line replacement, never get a notificaiton about it and then come into work seeing this mess outside. 


ETA: I JUST got an alert that my cable bury is sechudled and then one saying it's completed. So clearly this is what Comcast considers complete.



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Re: Can someone please clean up this mess?

Hello, thanks for reaching out to us over forums today. I hope that other than having to look at these cables, your day is going well and your services are still working as expected. I am sorry after calling in we have not been able to assist you properly. This is not the service we strive to provide but I will be more than happy to help. Are you able to send a private message so I can take a closer look at your account and service order? If you can include your name, the account number, and your entire service address. (with the city, state, and zip code) I can make sure we are taking the right course of action to get the outside cable fixed. 

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