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Can I get my discount deal reinstated? You canceled it when I changed service address.

I was paying $160/month for my current Internet speed plus two voice lines.  When I changed service to a new physical address mid-January, Comcast cancelled that deal which was supposed to be for at least 2 year contract.  Such a deal is still active for new signups, I had that deal, I think I should get it reinstated.


Billing support was unable/unwilling to help me when I last called them.  If I'd had known that changing service address cancelled all active discounts, I would have renegotiated a slower speed and no voice lines.  Now I'm stuck with 2 voice lines that I'll never use.


In addition, your records still show that my static IP is different from the static IP I'm using.  I think that's left over from when you had converted me to a residential plan instead of a business plan, against my express wishes.  Supposedly it's been changed back, but the static IP in my dashboard is not what my modem is getting.


How about a written way to talk to Comcast tech support through Email?  I'm austistic, phone conversations are difficult for me.


I would love to speak with tech support/billing support in written form.  You conveniently deactivate the chat system for every purpose _except_ ordering new service.

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Re: Can I get my discount deal reinstated? You canceled it when I changed service address.

Hi kozmikyak2. I responded to your other post as well. I repost my response here too. 


The agreements signed are site (location) specific so you are subject to a new agreement and pricing. However, I would like to review your billing concerns. Please private message me your full name, the name of your business, the full service address and the phone number associated with your account.

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