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Call FROM a Comcast Representative at 11:31 P.M.!

I just want to say I was extremely annoyed that I received a phone call on my cell phone (the contact number for my account---not the Business' Number which is a Comcast line) pertaining to the 'status' of my account at 11:31 P.M. last evening. I did not answer the call but left it go to voicemail because I did not recognize the number. A message was left so when I played back the message the caller identified himself as James with Comcast calling about my business account! First of all, I also work in a nationwide call center and it is against PA law for a business to do outbound calls after 9 P.M. unless the customer either requests or approves such a call. Secondly, I called the number that came up on my I.D. and spoke with this 'James' who proceeded to tell me he placed the call to 'see if it was a legitimate account'! SERIOUSLY!?!?! He did apologize but I told him he may need to reconsider this outbound calling as the fine is quite costly if reported! Comcast, you really need to educate your representatives about calling etiquette and legal protocol.
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