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California Outages

Living in Northern California where the fires and outages have occurred. As I did not suffer a power outage, Comcast Business went down both times, leaving me and my home-based business without Internet access for 7-8 days. Had to travel to San Francisco for Internet. Could not get through to Comcast during that time, just a canned message. The problem: Comcast knew the second outage for 2019 was coming and di nothing to make their system more robust. Also, the outages lasted so long that even their 4g service went down as well.


Afterwards, decided to downgrade to Xfinity residential since Comcast business was no more reliable. Comcast is charging me for the remainder of the contract (about six months), even though they are the ones who did not provide the service contracted for. Will contact the California PUC if Comcast does not resolve issues with me. Also, more outages are coming I can be assured that service will be unreliable once aain. Soemthing has to be done on their end, and not punish customers because their system is unreliable.

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