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Business Internet service

I have been communicating with Business Comcast reps for a week now.

200 Mins, over a dozen reps and one supervisor, 8 hang ups with NO RETURN calls or emails.

We have had Comcast Business Class internet and phone for over 2 years now. The service and rates were very good, quality of services great and no problems. We had the 2nd tier above the starter package with a static IP and 1 phone line with voice mail.

UNTIL I noticed speeds dropping and I followed up by looking on their website and noticed all of their internet packages had changed.

We were getting speeds of 22.XX Download/3.XX Upload and when running the speedtest I noticed we were constantly getting 18.XX Download/2.XX Upload and that is in line with their newest starter package 16/2. A couple of the reps could not understand what I was complaining about. I was getting better speeds than the new plan allotted 16/2.

So I asked why my speeds were lowered to a starter package speed and not the 2nd tier package at a higher rate? Finally I got a rep to see what I was telling them and suggested I downgrade to the new monthly cost at 16/2 Starter at a savings or upgrade to the Deluxe 50 package 50/10 for the same price. Then the rep asked if I had voice mail, and I said yes, well then it will be $5.00 more per month. Voice mail is not included in the price of the phone now.

I agreed to the Deluxe 50 plan with voice mail for $5.00 more per month for all the same services we had before and at a higher 50/10 speeds. Digitally signed the contract for two years and was told to wait overnight and restart the router and we would be on the new speeds. GREAT!!

So at 7:30 am I did restart the router and NO CHANGE. I waited until the afternoon, just to give them more time to make the changes.

Then as of today, NO CHANGE in speed. I made 3 calls yesterday, dropped twice (one by a supervisor) and a nice person tried to switch it as I waited on the phone. He found out my AREA does not have it available. He took my number to call me back today to see WHEN these Packages would be available in our area.

It's 5:30 PM EST at the time of this writing and NO CALL, EMAIL or otherwise from anyone at Comcast.

NOTE: One of the reps said "You was no longer in contract and I should just tear up the new contact and find another company for my services" WOW~!~~~~~~~~~~~

No that's a way to keep your company in business and keep your job.

I know this does not directly relate to the subject "Business class option for getting around the Cap for Comcast" but I wanted everyone to be aware of Comcast Business Class packages and their changes.

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Re: Business Internet service

Welcome LivelyDesigns. I  apologize for the issues you encountered while seeking answers to your questions as well as resolution to your service issues.  We will engage the Regional Support Center to assist with resolution.


Thank You 

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