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Business Contract Renewal

Need to get a hold of a rep to make sure my contract does not renew and service is stopped when the contract mandates. Already screenshotted a conversation with chat support saying that you only need 30days notice and recorded another saying that there is no auto-renewal, that it goes month-to-month non-contract. Need situation clarified.

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Re: Business Contract Renewal

Hello Digital Shock,


If you're looking to close out your business account you would need to contact retention at 800-391-3000. If you just want to keep your service an not renew your contract and keep it month to month then there is noting else you need to do. Keep in mind you might have a promotion that will time out once the contract is up. If you're wanting to close out the account there is a 60 day notice for termination.


Feel free to send me a private message and I'll see if you have a promotion that will expire at the end of your contract. 




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