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Billing Complaint - $99.99 Charge For Tech Who Refused To Fix Problem

I am a new customer. I was sold this Comcast Business Internet service on the basis that I could have both a block of 5 fixed IP addresses and an internal network (10.1.10.*) and that it would all work together.  I wanted to buy my own cable modem but I was told I had to take the Comcast cable modem if I wanted fixed IP addresses.  So I took what the salesman offered.


But now that it has been installed I've run into an issue with the Comcast-supplied cable modem. It will not allow me to RELIABLY access my own server from my internal network.  I can ping the server from a public pinger on the Internet all day long. And I can usually ping at least one of the 3 static IP addresses on the server, but not all three at the same time. The modem will cut me off from one or two of the three available IP addresses for several minutes at a time.


So, I called tech support and I was told that the modem was broken and that he would send a technician out to replace the broken modem.  But when the technician got here, HE REFUSED TO REPLACE THE BROKEN MODEM!


I am still having the issue. But I see a billing item on my bill for $99.99 for a service call. IT HAS NOT YET BEEN 30 DAYS SINCE THIS SERVICE WAS INSTALLED AND ***IT HAS NEVER WORKED THE WHOLE TIME***


Needless to say I am upset at the prospect of paying almost $100 for a service call where the technician refused to do what the original support person said was necessary.  And I am additionally upset at the idea of needing to pay another $100 charge for getting somebody out here to do the job which should have been done the first time.




As far as I'm concerned, until you make it work, you havea warranty repair issue that you need to address WITHOUT CHARGING ME ANY MORE MONEY THAN I HAVE ALREADY PAID!!!