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Bill due date is floating....

Causing me late fees. Customer service says they removed fees and gave credits from other issues, but online it reflects much larger amounts and still has late fees. Contract was for 12th of the month due date, which has changed a few times and customer service reps (3 different ones!) cannot figure out why!

Meanwhile every month is showing wrong amounts due. WTC??!
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Re: Bill due date is floating....

Hello TomTreasures and welcome,


Comcast has some very stringent billing cycle structuring and I am hoping this billing starter information will will assist you initially. As you will read in the aforementioned, your billing cycle is a direct function of the date your service was installed. So this ultimately means that your first billing statement could be higher than normal due to the non-recurrable charges such as telephone provisioning, activation or general installation charge for Service Order Agreements less than 3 years.


This addtional particular information link will provide you some additional understanding of your Comcast billiing statement, fyi. As you will note within here, your billing cycle should always start on the start date and emcompass the end date of your next month's Comcast services. This is due to Comcast always billing one month in advance.


The only time your billing cycle could be adjusted is if there is an account numbering change due to Comcast integrating your account into their new universal billing system.


Hope this helps you out. 

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