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Bamboozled By Comcast

I moved my office earlier this year and signed up for Comcast Business service that began in January 2018 with the promise of a $200 Visa gift card from Comcast. The Comcast agent that signed me up, David <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information"> offered me this gift card after telling me that the cheapest option for internet (I only need internet for my buissness) was a $130+/month internet/cable/phone bundle. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">, I acquisced trusting David that this was the only option for my buisness.


By May 2018 I still had not received my promised VIsa gift card (it's written in my contract), and also by this time I had received several Comcast fliers in the mail saying I can sign up for internet for $49.99/month - exactly what I wanted in the first place. When I asked a Comcast agent if I could drop my plan and switch to the cheaper, internet-only plan I was told that I would have to pay out my remaining three year contract, which would have been over $3,000.


Needless to say, I did not go for the payout option. Instead I called custom support several times asking about my promised gift card only to be told, like others on this forum, that they were working on it, and that I would have it in a few weeks. I even called David back on his office phone number to ask him about the card, only to be told that he doesn't handle this and that I should contact customer service (he has since ignored my phone calls). Here I am in June still with no gift card.


In May I finally had enough and called Comcast to complain about <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">, the breach of contract on their part in not providing the Visa gift card, and stated that I wanted out of my contarct without penalty due to their breach. I was connected to "retention specialist" Tyranika <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Personal Information"> who was kind on the phone, calmed me down, and offered to credit my account $250 on top of having my $250 gift card sent immediately. When I asked her for some sort of confirmation and a ticket number of our conversation, she said that she would call me back since it was not fully resolved yet. Two days later, I had not heard back from her, and when I called Comcast back to inquire about Ms Williams' promise fo the credit and gift card, I was told that they had no record of it.


If I had an option in the first place I would have never gone with Comcast for my business. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory"> they should at least offer reasonably priced options for very basic services. <Edited for violating forum guidelines: "Inflammatory">. I would like to know if anyone has done this and/or is planning to, and if anyone has had any success of getting out of a contract becuase Comcast didn't follow through on their end.

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Re: Bamboozled By Comcast



Hi LCP1285 and welcome to the business forums.


I can certainly help with your billing concerns and gift card inquiry. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of your business location and the phone number associated with your business account.

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