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Auto Pay wouldn't allow me to input an company name for the account holder.  I used the name of the owner of the company account but it's not accurate.  Will payment go through?

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Re: AutoPay

Hello plamoretti and welcome,


If your payment was via Credit Card then you should be able to see if your balance was reduced by your payment amount with like 30-60 minutes. If you used a checking account payment, this typically will take 24 hours to post into you account so you should be able to see your according balance reduction after 24 hours. If after 48 hours you do not see any balance reduction, then your payment was not processed by Comcast.


Lastly, the Business Name must always be that which was used to register the Business Class Portal account.  If you use a credit card it is neccessary to put the card holders name and address as seen on the credit card. If you use a checking account it is neccessary to input the routing number, account number, and check number for correct payment processing.


Hope this help you out.

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