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Auto pay blocked

We set up auto pay for 8 of our Comcast Business accounts 2 of the 8 accounts charges were returned unpaid. Our banks ACH blocked the bills from being paid.


I called Comast on several occasions to 'unblock us' and get us going with autopay.


The agent said the only way to get these accounts unblocked was to have someone from our bank email Comcasts back accounting office. Our bank representative sent an email to their accounting dept.  3 days ago. We have yet to hear from Comcast.


In the interim, 2 of our businesses cable service were turned off- one of which, is on auto pay that WORKS.


So frustrated.

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Re: Auto pay blocked

Hello LaurieF SF and welcome,


I am sorry to hear about your unnecessary frustration. If you are using auto-pay checking, it is possible that the banks routing number and/or account number may not be in the Comcast payment banking database. I recommend you call 800-391-3000, use the billing option, then request the billing agent perform a payment reseach on the 2 aoount number you are haviing issues with to make sure that all the information provided to Comcast is accurate.


Hope this helps you out.

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