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Allowing bill due dates to be changed.

Good day, we have two accounts with Comcast business one for each location we own. I just contacted customer service to have the bill dates the same so that we only needed to log on once a month to pay the bills and was informed they could not change the billing dates. 


Could this feature be implemented? I am positive other business owners and accounting departments would rather have all the bills from one company arrive and be paid at the same time. Everything from Utilities and even credit cards now allow for the customer to choose the due date and yet it seems odd Comcast is not allowing this. Even if an extra fee was charged for the change it would at least be beneficial to customers who have multiple accounts. I have two accounts and one ends at the end of the month and the other in the middle. Yet the due dates are at the point where even if I hold on paying one to the day of the due date the other accounts' charges for the month would not be available for me to pay since it would not have been invoiced yet. Just this small change would be very beneficial to all. 

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Re: Allowing bill due dates to be changed.

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to the Digital Care Team here through the forums! 🙂 I know how important being able to make one payment for multiple accounts are and I am so sorry that we do not have that feature for our business customers. 😞 I will make sure to provide this feedback as I do agree that this feature should be implemented. Good news is that we just implemented this feature for our residential customers with eligibility requirements.  So, hopefully, soon we can also implement this for our business customers as well. I do want to thank you for bringing your feedback to our attention and if you do need anything else, please let us know.

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