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Address Change Completed Incorrectly


Address Change Completed Incorrectly

About 18 months ago I changed the service address of my Comcast Business account and was routed through a local SMB Account Executive.  I am definitely paying for and presumably using the internet service at my new address and they confirmed my modem is active through customer service but my pricing recently changed and now I am trying to update my service and customer service is saying that my account was never transferred to my new address and the process was handled incorrectly.  


I reached out to my local SMB Account exec and the email bounced back. :/

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Address Change Completed Incorrectly

Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time out to reach out to the Business Forums here through Facebook. I know that this must be frustrating for you, and you have reached the right team in order to help get this taken care of for you. Can you please send a private message with your name, the full address, and phone/account number? -Anisa