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Activation Email

I thought I'd already activated my account the first time I got a notice about it.


The second time I got a notice, I logged in.  I didn't see anything about was just a normal login.  I did notice that the billing address was wrong. (It should not be the same as the service address.)  I fixed it.


Today, I got ANOTHER notice about activating.  I logged in again... This time I noticed that the billing address reverted back to the service address.  I changed it again.


What's up with these activation notices?  Do I need to do something else?  It's not obvious.  I did a search for activation and it showed the process I went through originally.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Activation Email

Hi janenoel. The user credentials associated with this account have been updated and the email has been reset.  Please let us know if the issue persist or if additional assistance is needed.


Thank You

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Re: Activation Email

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