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Account transfer from Business to Residential



Looking for some help switching from a business account to a residential account. Specifically a Comcast rep who knows the process and isn't in sales.


When I first started this process I was told I would need to cancel my business services (for which I had no contract) and then I could get residential services. This process did not go smoothly. Seems that the individual who sent the service cancelation order never submitted the residential order.


My internet gets terminated due to the order I had signed previously. I called and was told I would need to get my home 'rezoned' for residential use and that it could take 1 to 3 months. I can't go without internet due to work requirements, so I was told I would need to sign a contract for business internet. The only contract with no upfront fees and with the same payment schedule as what I had before was the 3 year contract. I did not like the idea of resigning a three year contract, but the sales rep said I would not be charged a termination fee when switching to residential. He said he could confirm this through email, which he did, and so I verbally signed the contract.


This is the email the sales rep wrote:




Comcast Business will be changing the zoning of the address XXX Upon completion of the zoning change from commercial to residential. The client would like to change accounts from business to residential WITHOUT cancellation fees. Client will change service to XFINITY RESIDENTIAL for cheaper pricing and better monthly plan.


Fast forward to today when I tried to call the sale rep. his number is disconnected. I called business customer service and residential customer service and no one know what I am talking about. Another issue is that I have a ~200 credit on the business account.


I am a bit worried at the moment, but if the employee mislead me into signing a 3 year contract I at least have his name and the statement he made to me before I signed.


Any help would be extremely appreciated. I know when I setup the business account I had to go through a total of 7 techs before I found one that knew what he was doing. I imagine this might be the same where I just need to get in contact with the correct individual.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Account transfer from Business to Residential

Hello, that sounds like such a frustrating experience and I would feel the same way. Good news is that you have reached the right team in order to help reach a resolution as quickly as possible. Can you please send a private message of the full address, your name, and phone number of the account? 

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