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60-Day Notice to Close Your Account!

I was a Comcast Customer for 7 years and recently switched services because I was getting a good deal with a Direct TV package.  I thought I did all the right things:

  • Call to cancel the service
  • Return the equipment

But apparently, I was supposed to ask for a form that I didn't even know existed to officially give my written notice of cancelling my service.  And to top it off, since my initial call was apparently dropped at some point (I was on long enough to get information about returning my equipment and the final bill amount) I didn't get the information about the form because the rep wasn't able to transfer me to the right department so they could tell me about the form? 


After calling in today to pay my final bill for services that were switched over on 8/16, I find out that I continued to incur charges.  When asked why, I find out about the form.  So now I have to pay for 60 more days of un-used services on top of the month that has passed by with additional charges.  That amounts to $250 worth of unused services.  How can Comcast justify that?  I was on the phone with the rep long enough to get a lot of other useless information but was never told that I need to be passed to a different department and need a form and that it takes 60 days!! 


I am furious and disappointed that there was no compromise offered when I asked for it.  I couldn't speak to a manager because the reps are given managerial authority and I met none of the criteria for waiving the 60-day rule.  I will never recommend Comcast for any other small business I work with nor will I recommend it for residential services given the lack of consideration I have been given. 


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I do understand your frustration. Many of your questions are in the Terms and Agreement which can be locate online at


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Re: 60-Day Notice to Close Your Account!

That's because the 60 day cancellation clause is NOT on the contract you signed. It's burred deep in an online agreement that the contract you signed points to, yet Comcast has no way to prove that it was there when you signed (it's term called non-reputability) and the people who answer the calls are very unhelpful and my guess are rated on how many people they help the company rip off.
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Re: 60-Day Notice to Close Your Account!

I would like to know how this was finally resolved?  

As you can see below, I'm in exactly the same position. I only heard about the 60-day advanced warning when I called to cancel. I checked my signed agreement and it's not there, so how can Comcast justify it now?


Following is a description of my situation:


I've had a Comcast business account since 2009. In early June, I had to move my office to another room in the same building, and was told by Comcast that would be a new account with a new lease of at least a year. Since I might have to move again and am no longer able to use the line, I decided to simply close the account. However, when I called Comcast to inform them of this decision, I was told there's a 60 day period before the account to be closed, which I think is very unreasonable because (1) I've already far exceeded the original lease period, and (2) I am physically unable to use the line even if I wanted to.  Since I'm paying $114 a month right now for high-speed internet and digital voice, I then asked whether I could at least downgrade the service to lower what I have to pay for basically nothing.  I was told the only downgrade possible was a measly $10 off on the internet.  Adding all this up, it looks like I'm being asked to pay over $300 for something of absolutely no use to me.  Is this just a way for ComCast to punish people for leaving their service, even for a customer that's been with them for 5 years? 

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Re: 60-Day Notice to Close Your Account!

No resolution here either?  were you forced to pay for the extra 2 months of un-used service?