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ok, here is the Agreement  about the 30-day gurantee stated on the Document I signed when I subscribe to the internet service.


2. Each Comcast Business Class Service ("Service") carries a 30 day money back guarantee. If within the first thirty days following Service activation Customer is not completely satisfied, Customer may cancel Service and Comcast will issue a refund for Service charges actually paid by Customer, custom installation, voice usage charges, and optional service fees excluded. In order to be eligible for the refund, Customer must cancel Service within thirty days of activation and return any Comcast-provided equipment in good working order. In no event shall the refund exceed $500.00. 


I read it carefully before i signed it and from my understanding, eveything will be refunded including the customer installation when i cancel within 30-days. And now, i came back to read it again, and I realized how misleading that statement  is. Is it just me or do you think it is really misleading??


Now I came back and looked at this agreement again, because I was told that I need to pay the $49 installation fee and the recurring charges for the service I used during the 30-day period, in which the total is $118.90.  


My story, I signed up for internet with static ip last July 17, 2013 but because I did not like the speed, I decided to cancel on June 30, 2013. I had no problem with the disconnect team as I got the disconnect form signed within 2 days. After that, I returned the equipment after a week because I decided to just go back to Comcast residential account. When I was returning the equipment, I was told that the account is still active and I should contact Comcast Business to close it or else they will continue to charge me for monthly service. Long story short, I did call a couple of times about it, sent them the signed disconnect form, and all i hear was it is still pending for account closing. And during those days, i was still getting charged for the monthly service, even though i no longer use the service since I dont have the equipment anymore and already signed for residential account. I was told that I dont need to pay them because those charges will go away when the account is closed. And finally, the last call i did, I was told that the account is schduled to be closed on Sept. 30, 2013. So after 3 months, they finally closed the account and the total bill came up to $304.61. I did not bother look into my account anymore because of what they told me that those charges will go away.


However, yesterday to my surprise, I received a mail from a collection agency about those balance that I need to pay!!!!. 

So I called up comcast business about it and again explained the history. I was forwarded to the retention department and she verified that the account was really closed within the 30-day period and they will notify the collection agency about it. 

BUT!!!! she told me that I still need to pay the $118.90 for the installation fee and for the services used for 14 days. I was mad, that after all the those trouble I still have to pay them!! I complained about it more but it did not get anywhere and I was told to go to their 30 days terms and agreement site and read it again. Surely, now it says installation fee is excluded which is very much different to the misleading words on the document that I signed.


the link is here


As I am not getting anything through phone customer service,  can someone here get back to me about this? this is ridiculous!!