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2 Months past due/Can't disconnect Service!


This is my first time posting here on the forums. Bear with me while I explain my issue...
I had business class internet/phone bundle installed in June 2015. The representative who had us electronically signed the contract; We had a waiting period of a month, as the guy was hard to get ahold of. (How odd, right?)

We get it installed finally, and a few months go by, where we paid our bills as normal.. Keep in mind, We had residential (Cable Triple play package) AND business class; which is stated in the first paragraph as to what package were paying for. We happened to notice that Business Class wasn't getting paid, and we had to show proof and confirmation, and we did show proof of it. A month goes by, no big deal right? Nope, wrong. We all of a sudden get this OUTRAGEOUS past due bill. Come to find out the representative who spoke with us when we were purchasing the business class bundle, lied to us about a number of things.
1) He lied about business class having cable for my home. When really, Business class cable is only for business based locations, not home based businesses.
2) He told us we can pay our bill under the regular xfinity site. Of course we believed him, and we've had to learn MONTHS later that, because we were misinformed, While our residential bill was paid; Our business class bill snowballed.
3) Since the beginning of August, we have been trying to get ahold of said representative, But it seemed as if the name wasn't familiar with any of the representatives who we spoke to. We have his information from two e-mails where we corresponded back and forth.

There were numerous of replying that the rep and I did, having questions before making the agreement being signed electronically and after, when we had questions or concerns.

A lot of the e-mails got ate up due to it being months previous. We are 2 months past due on the bill, and we've been waiting a while for Business Class to shut off service. I have tried calling to shut it off, but the past due amount they're asking for is ridiculous and I do not have that kind of cash to put out in order to shut off the service. I know the agreement I have signed, probably is another thing contributing to them not shutting it off. I've asked every person whom I spoke to over the phone to at least e-mail or mail me a copy of the agreement but I never got anything. Nor do they acknowledge that. I don't know what to do and I am at my wit's end! Please help!


-Frustrated Customer

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Re: 2 Months past due/Can't disconnect Service!

I wished someone would help me, and reply. 😞 The Situation is still the same.

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