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Thursday, April 16th, 2015 8:00 AM

URL's incorrect and the search feature on my site does not work

I have 2 issues with my website. 


1. The template I am using has a search option to search for anything on my site. When I type in something that I know that is on my website and click search, it comes up and says error and that's all it says. I have found no way to correct that or remove the search feature.


2. When a vistitor goes to our website, when they click on something else, the URL says my Since I pay for the business package, shouldn't the URL say (example instead of the


If a ComCast Business expert could contact me, that would be great.


Thank you very much!



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9 years ago

Hello Steven,


Welcome to the forum.

The community would like to help but can you clarify a few items for us?

1. How did you create your website?

    - Site builder or 3rd party website builder.

2. Can you share with the community your domain name?


Thank you