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Thursday, May 1st, 2014 5:00 PM

site builder functionallity

I seem to have to spend more and more hours every month to update our page. Last few months the site builder page is only about an inch or inch and a half at the top of the screen to edit and work in very hard scrolling up and down in a small area.  Now I am trying to insert a JPG image for this months calendar and it does not get put into the text of the page as it used to.  Does nothing and leaves the blank line there.  I am using compatibility mode but does not help.  Also cannot update a distribution list in the email account any more unless I use an old notebook with an extremely old version of IE.  Need the ability to work with up to date productls.



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10 years ago

Hello post205,


Sorry for the late reply. Is this issue still affecting you?

Please post so we may assist.



Thank you