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Friday, May 16th, 2014 11:00 AM

No site builder after a week...

On 5/5/2014 (after 38 hours) there was still no site builder option so I called support.  I have contacted support on 5/11, 5/13, 5/14 and have been informed the "free" three page site with our new business account has gone to "national engineering support" and nobody knows when we will have access to sitebuilder.


I find this unreasonable.  The last time I saw such poor support was when Packared Bell was selling dysfunctional computers into the retail market.


This is a business class account for a client with a new physical retail store and there isn't even a way to put up a "coming soon/under construction" messgae on their domain?


What gives Comcast?

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10 years ago

Update:  I was promised a call from support prior to 9:00PM last night, but no joy...

I called support this morning to see if I could receive an update and was promised that this issue was "at the top of the heap" and I would receive a call back shortly.  That was two hours ago.


I am at wits end and am seeking a bhigher level contact to address this issue.


Domain was created May 1st this year.  Waited the 48 hours for the sitebuilder option to appear.  It is now May 18th and still no sitebuilder.


I am a computer technician and have worked with infrastructure for 30 years and am simply "beyond belief" that this issue is taking so long while Comcast any myself have a mutual client who has opened a retail store (I recommended Comcast) and desired a simple (static) website for a brief description of their offering, directions, email, and a phone number...


In my opinion, Comcast has failed to provide the services offered in a timely and professional manner.  repeated promises of call backs that never happen, a complete lack of status updates, and a vague description of the problem being escalated to "our national engineering team"...


I suspect the websites are outsourced at this point as any technician with a modest IQ and basic training can provision a web server...



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10 years ago

Hello tedh,


I do apologize for delay in responding to your post.

Are you still affected by this issue?

If you are please either post or send me a private message, so I may assist.



Thank you