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Saturday, November 1st, 2014 5:00 PM

Can't edit logo with website builder demo

I'm working with the website builder demo. I chose a theme (one of the recreation ones that has a large header area with the sample logo being a pool with umbrella chairs) and tried to change the logo. The help says to hover over the log and click on Edit Logo. That never appears. I seem to have the hover options on the footer and widgets, but not on the logo. What am I missing?


In case I'm using the wrong term, the part of the site I'm talking about is highlighted in yellow.

comcast website.png

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10 years ago

Hello operagost,


Welcome to the forum.

Sorry for the late reply to your question.

Do you still need assistance for this issue?


If so please repost.

Additionally could you tell us which internet browser you are using.


Thank you