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Tue, Sep 23, 2014 8:00 AM

transfer license

we are using 3/3 licenses for J, K and M.  M's computer has a rootkit and we cannot install/uninstall internet security.  K got a new computer and will give M her old one.  If K tries to download the norton onto her new computer, will it work because she is the same user?  or does K need to deactive M as a user first, then download?




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7 y ago

Hello jeannie and welcome,


I muchly enjoy these rubics cube inquiries... Smiley Wink


All business customers that register within the Business Class Portal (BCP) are currently authorized 2 free copies of the Norton Internet Security Anti-Virus (NAV) and this also corresponds to the 2 free email addresses. Unfortunately I am not aware of any NAV reutilization if computer's are updated, changed, etc. along the lines of your post. I believe the NAV download tracker only tracks number of downloads to each and every computer and when 2 is reached, then you can add a 3rd computer or greater NAV download for a Comcast reduced NAV fee. If you need any NAV specifics on this please, use this link and it provides information you are looking for.


Hope this helps you out.  



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7 y ago

need help free noton securty business 



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7 y ago

Hello jkuzmeski6,


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Do you still assistance to this query?

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