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Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 8:00 AM

Questions about Comcast Business ending hosted Exchange and Sharepoint

I had gathered this was coming some time ago, and finally received a letter in the mail about it.  Just to be clear, the letter says I will have to contract separately with Microsoft or some other provider for my mail or Exchange and Sharepoint services going forward. So that I am perfectly clear, this does mean literally that, although Comcast is providing a mechanism to facilitate the establishment of such contracts through the marketplace, it's no longer an integrated part of the service offering? 

If so, this implies that the value of the service I'm receiving is reduced. Is Comcast reducing the cost of my services since what I am getting from them is significantly less ? I realize the near naivette of this question, I suppose I'm asking it some what sarcastically, but I can hope for a pleasent surprise.


I changed my services over to Comcast Business class many years ago, in part because it would simplify my billing from having a seperate DNS, ISP, and Exchange hosted services provider.  That seems like it is no longer the case and I will be forced to start having multiple vendors for my services again.


Thank you



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