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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 2:00 PM

"Not Trusted" certificate presented when adding a Comcast Business Exchange account to iOS

A certificate issued by Comodo, expiring in 2016, is presented when adding a Comcast Business email address as an Exchange account.

iOS 9.2 fails to trust this certificate by default. (Missing intermediate CA? Missing domain name? *shrug* iOS didn't provide detail on why it was Not Trusted)


Besides that, the certificate has a SHA-1 signature. (Please stop using SHA-1 for signatures. Everybody is migrating away from this weak hashing algorithm --- NIST, Microsoft, Google.)


Workaround: I choose to NOT trust this certificate.

Next, I was presented with a dialog to fill in the server name (use the DNS Settings in the Business account site) and make the account name be the same as the full email address.

I did that and the account was added.


Hey Comcast, the "Not Trusted" certificate warning is a problem you need to fix.






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9 years ago

Hi bitblaster. This issue is under investigation by the Comcast Security and Mobility Team.  I will update the team with your information.


Thank You