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Thu, Dec 7, 2017 6:00 PM

Email - Microsoft migration - headache for 1

Back in June I was informed that my email account would be migrated to Microsoft and I'd be able to Microsoft Office 365 and my email would be migrated to the new account.  I'd get an email once the migration was completed and instructions were to be included as I recall.  Well as bad luck would have it the day the migration happened was the day I had to leave the office due to an emergency situation.  I did receive the emails regarding migration being successful and I may have seen the instructions after that but I didn't bother to print them out as I figured they'd be available when I decided to make the move.  

Well my copy of Outlook 2010 would become corrupted as would the pst file.  I was able to recover emails and settings for one of my accounts but had lost the comcast account information.  So now I don't have anything.  I would have assumed that the password to the microsoft would have been the same password as my password to the Comcast and so far I'm wrong.  Trying to reset the password has failed as I'm told that the administrator (ME) hasn't set the system up to allow resetting of the password.  Which by the way is impossible to do if I have never successfully logged into the new system.  So my question is can I get the start up password without spending a lot of time on the phone with tech support.  I'm figuring if I'm going to pay to use Office 365 I may as well use it. 


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