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Saturday, April 30th, 2016 4:00 PM

WARNING on Comcast renumbering

Hi All,


Warning that the Comcast renumbering is likely affecting ALL customers in North America.


My IPv6 service in Portland OR died on Monday.  I filed a total of 4 trouble tickets with Comcast's support throughout the week, each time the ticket was closed, claiming that everything worked and that it must be my equipment.


I finally called in this afternoon, mad as a hornet - and surprise surprise surprise it suddenly started working when

I had the tech on the phone.  Not from anything HE did, though.


What had happened near as I can tell, is that Comcast renumbered Portland OR from 2601:1c2:1::  to  2601:1c2:400::


Comcast also allocated many subnets from the 2601:1c2:400:; subnet to various locations in the Portland metro


A trace to my subnet in 2601:1c2:1:: made from at around 2:30pm PST terminated in Comcast's

routers in Portland.


The same trace made at 4:30pm, 2 hours later is now terminating in Seattle, WA.   And my cable modem which had had the same IP address for the last year or two - is now showing that it's got a new subnet address.


I don't mind the renumber and I'm well aware that problems can happen.  I have done these things before myself.  But, you don't leave your support people just dangling like that.


Whoever was in charge of the renumber at Comcast should have FILED A GENERAL OUTAGE FOR IPv6 AND KEPT IT ACTIVE UNTIL THE RENUMBER WAS COMPLETED.


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