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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 3:00 AM

Static IPv6 Routing Blocked by Modem Firewall

My ipv6 is working fine over the default /64. I have the Cisco 3939 modem. I have a /56 static prefix delegated to the modem.


I'd like to statically route an additional /64 to my internal router.


I've set up my internal router to send a router advertisement for the prefix.


Once I enabled this, I now see the following in the firewall logs for the modem:


FW.IPv6 INPUT drop, 2022 Attempts.2016/12/07 04:23:23Firewall Blocked
FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop, 241 Attempts.2016/12/07 02:31:38Firewall Blocked



The IPv6 firewall on the modem already has "Disable entire firewall" checked.


My guess is that the firewall has a default ruleset to only allow the base /64 through and is dropping packets from the new /64.


Is there anything I can do to truly and completely disable the IPv6 firewall on the modem? It seems that this is the only thing in the way of my routing working.


Note that I am not trying to do prefix delegation. This is a static subnet route.

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