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Thursday, April 30th, 2015 7:00 PM

Static IPv6 Recommendations in San Jose?

First post, so let me give a bit of an intro. Internet user since 1989 or 1990. Sysadmin is not my day job and I consider myself an intermediate amateur. FreeBSD user since version 1.x, run my own pfSense firewall. Every host under my control had a static IPv6 address for years. So not totally clueless, but not an expert either.


I read a lot of posts in this forum. In fact, I deciced to make the jump to Comcast Business because of the quality of this forum and the obviously clueful moderators who will jump right in with solutions rather than the usual "did you try powercycling your modem" that you get from far to many ISPs.


This weekend, Comcast will come out to install my connection. 5 static IPv4 addresses.



1) Based on what I read, if I want reliable IPv6 from Comcast, I should ask for the Netgear cable modem to be installed, correct?


2) Comcast Business does not presently offer static IPv6, even for static IPv4 customers, correct?


3) Since I need static IPv6 addresses for my servers, I therefore will have to find myself a tunnel broker, such as HE, correct?


4) Which tunnel broker do you recommend that is close to San Jose from a network latency perspective? I am trying to minimize the additional latency added for my static IPv6 addresses vs. the direct IPv4 connections.


In the past, I used my previous ISP's tunnel broker, which didn't add any significant latency. But my previous ISP only offered standard ADSL and that is just not cutting it anymore with today's file sizes.



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9 years ago

1) Yes. All modems will assign IPv6 addresses to connected equipment via RAs/DHCPv6, but the Netgear will also support prefix sub-delegation, meaning your own router can request up to 5 /56 v6 subnets for use with its own LAN clients. I have heard that this feature is coming to all gateways eventually.


2) Yes. Static v6 is also coming, but is not here yet.


3) Technically yes, though I will say that I have retained my original DHCP-provided v6 blocks for over a year now, with no prefix changes at all.


4) No idea on this. I would check with Hurricane Electric to see about their entry point locations. You will obviously not be as close as your previous ISP, but they might have some sort of peering arrangement/close proximity to Comcast in SJ.