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Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 11:00 AM

Once more ignorant IPv6 technical support from Comcast

So, last night in Portland OR right in the middle of the densly populated East Side, Comcast had a major outage at 2am.  OK I'm not stupid this was obviously caused by some sort of needed maintainence.  I really don't have a problem with that.


What I DO have a problem with is that after the line came back up at 3:30am - IPv6 is down.  But wait - it's not down in a decent manner - it's the worst possible way - because the modem is still getting an IPv6 assignment from Comcast but IPv6 traffic out to the rest of the world is not happening.


So I call in this morning and waste an hour being transferred around - and finally get a tech who continues to insist that MY cable line is going up and down - all the while I'm running continuious IPv4 pings to several places on the Internet.   I have no idea if this ticket is ever going to land in the right place.


So, Comcast, I have some advice for you to pass to your support people.  Here it is:


1) If a customer knows the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 and says they have already power cycled the cable modem, do not assume the are a moron and have them do it again.


2) If a customer knows the names of the usual network testing tools like traceroute, ping, etc. then do not assume they don't know WTF they are talking about


3) If your phone system is so screwed up and noisy that you have to apologize to the customer when they call in and tell them "we are having problems with our phone system this morning" then do not assume that your diagnostic tools are all going to be working perfectly - allow for the possibility that your network just might be as screwed up as your phone system.


4) if a customer asks for an escalation to your routing people, just do it.


5) If a customer points out their problems started right after you had an outage, assume they are related.


These are just some basic troubleshooting tips.  Take them to heart, you can get that knowledgeable customer off the line in a minimum amount of time then go back to helping people de-virus their PCs.


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8 years ago


6) Please allow individual customers to opt out of #5.