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Saturday, December 1st, 2018 10:00 AM

Netgear CG3000DCR is EOL. What now for static IPv4 and IPv6 prefix delegation?

Hi, in 2016 I enrolled in the Business Starter (25/5) plan so I could have two things: 

  1. a static IPv4
  2. a routable static IPv6 prefix of /56, so I could have more than 16 /64 segments

...and was set up with a Cisco DPC3941B. 

It has been over two years now, and I have not been able to utilize more than one routable /64 IPv6 segment, as that seems to be all the 3941B will advertise to my LAN interfaces. To be fair, I have not spent all of the two years working with support over this issue, though I have logged hundreds of hours learning and troubleshooting things from my end.
Earlier this year, support and I agreed to have my 3941B replaced with a Netgear CG3000DCR, but I don't recall ever being contacted to make an appointment. Exhausted with the time spent on this issue and the detrimental impact on my full-time job, I decided not to follow up and to shelve IPv6 for a few months.

But I didn't realize that in a few months, the one piece of hardware that supports proper prefix delegation would reach end of life, with no suitable replacement.
So, the CG3000DCR is now end-of-life. Comcast support has indicated that changing my business plan to a higher-speed tier will open up new models available that might have proper prefix delegation. If that's true, how much more will I pay per month for the privilege of having more than one routable /64? 
And of course, there is a chance that I have something misconfigured on my side of the demarc. But...
  1. I've confirmed that prefix delegation does work when the 3941B is in pseudo-bridge mode.
  2. I've already been through over a dozen chats, phone calls and truck rolls.
  3. There are dozens of like posts on this forum that were solved only with what is now end-of-life hardware.
  4. No one in support has been able to tell me unequivocally "Static IPv4 with proper multi-subnet, routable IPv6 prefix delegation definitely works on the 3941B. I've seen it a million times. This is a you problem." 

It would be appreciated if anyone can corroborate my network and hardware issue. I really don't want to start from square one again. ("Is your gateway on fire? Is your coax plugged into a pumpkin?") On top the of countless hours lost over two years, I had to sit at home this week and wait for my 3941B to not be replaced with a non-existent CG3000DCR. 



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I'd be more than happy to assist you with swapping your modem. Please, send me a private message with your full name, address and the phone number on file to get started.