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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 9:00 AM

IPv6 Firmware Rollback on SMCD3GCCR


Comcast has identified a firmware defect with the SMCD3GCCR devices that results in intermittent network issues that could potentially impact the experience of our Business Internet customers. To remedy the issue we unfortunately must rollback IPv6 support for the SMCD3GCCR. After rollback the SMCD3GCCR will no longer be operating in dual stack mode for broadband or Internet facing communication.  The SMC product will be operating in IPv4 mode only. 

The IPv6 firmware rollback on the SMCD3GCCR device will begin February 8th for Comcast Business customers in the Seattle and Tacoma markets and will continue through mid 2nd quarter.  I will update this thread to include additional cities once they are schedule


Customers that prefer to keep IPv6 can schedule a service call to replace the SMCD3G device with the Technicolor 3941B device. 

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